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Uttaranchal - Adventure Sports
Uttarakhand, a northern Indian state, is home to some of the most beautiful destinations of the world. Also known as abode of Gods and Goddesses, it is a state which will captivate you with its enthralling beauty and mystic charm.

With snow capped lofty Himalayas crowning its north and densely forested Tarai region in its south, Uttarakhand promises to offer an unforgettable holiday filled with unlimited frolicking around in pristine Himalayan environs and of course thrill and adventure for those who have the appetite to match.

This Himalayan state, cradled in the lap of nature, offers a lot in terms of activities the visitors can get involved into. For those searching for thrill and adventure to liven up their spirits, Uttarakhand is the place where their search ends.

Camping in Uttaranchal

Camping in UttaranchalTo get away from the clutches of civilization and enjoy natural beauty is the spice of camping, a hobby for many a blithe spirit. Camping is a delightful experience, including swimming, hiking, fishing and hunting etc. Since Camping comprises many an outstanding challenge thrown in the face of the campers, from unknown angles, physical fitness and mental stability are the keywords for camping.

Camping in Uttaranchal is a pleasant experience amidst the snowy hills, and intermittent snowfall adds a new dimension to the camping expedition. Tons Valley in Uttaranchal located 3,600 feet above the sea-level, is an ideal place for family camping. For a die hard adventure seeker, Tons Valley is the right place, where a delightful camping expedition brings a fresh lease of life.

Jungle Safari in Uttaranchal

Jungle Safari in UttaranchalJungle safari in Uttaranchal is involves not only exploring the forests but also national parks and wildlife sanctuaries here. And when you go for jungle safari in Uttaranchal you can enjoy wild camping as well as nature walks here. The Jungle Safari of Uttaranchal are an ideal way of staying close to nature .And the thrill of staying in the jungle lodges is indeed a different experience. Listen to the various sounds of the forest when you stay here, relax and do nothing. Uttaranchal Forest Development Corporation conducts various of Jungle Safaris in the high passes of Uttaranchal. And this includes safaris to the Corbett National Park, Rajaji National Park, Asan Bird Resort and Benog Wildlife Sanctuary etc. The Uttaranchal Jungle Safari can be of different types like Horse Safari ,Elephant Safari and Jeep safari

Paragliding in Uttaranchal Paragliding in Uttaranchal

Paragliding is the most simple form to fly and all you require is a para glider. A paraglider is a non-motorized, foot-launched inflatable wing, which is easy to transport, launch, and land. It is constructed of rip-stop nylon or high stress polyester fabric. The pilot is clipped into a harness and is in a comfortable sitting position. The harness and the Paraglider attached by sturdy kevlar lines. The Para gliders can fly in the air for hours with the help of the glider and climb to altitudes, more than 10,000 feet high or opt for cross-country flying adventure covering vast distances.

For the nature lover and wildlife enthusiast, there are hikes through Pithoragarh's thick forests where you can spot snow leopards, musk deer and peafowl. The rolling meadows surrounding the town are soft with velvet grass and the scent of wild flowers - lovely for a lazy day in the sun!Pithoragarh was the medieval bastion of the Chand rulers, who were great builders of temples. Many of them lie in ruins, but pilgrims still visit the others and festivals are celebrated here in a big way. Visit the Kapileshwar temple, an ancient cave-temple dedicated to Shiva; the Kamaksha temple; and the Kailash Ashram.


Skiing in UttaranchalRajaji Enjoy the most wonderful adventure, Skiing, where you get a chance to go gung ho with the snow world. Due to the presence of various snow clad mountains and large sloped valleys, Uttaranchal is Skiing is becoming one of the major players in driving people towards this famous hill station of India. The famous sport of Skiing with a combination of sledging and snow boarding, is gaining huge accolades from tourists who take exclusive tour of Uttaranchal to enjoy this game. The best time to indulge in this sport is during the moths of November to February, when the thick blanket of snow covers the entire Uttaranchal valley.

Rafting in the Ganges of UttaranchalRafting in the Ganges of Uttaranchal

Row Row Row your boat, gently down the stream...This is exactly what Uttaranchal is all about. The most prized possession of Uttaranchal, River Ganges, provide some of the best rafting routes for all the water sport lovers. The turbulent water of river Ganga, which is considered to be a pious river in North India flows in Uttaranchal. Her two tributaries - Alaknanda and Bhagirathi are the host of white water rafting in Uttaranchal. Indulge in river rafting in the Ganges in Rishikesh and tame the wild waters that are full of froths and foam. Enjoy the joy of crashing against narrow gauge, rocky outcrops and deep gradient falls while enjoying this adventure sport. It is also the best way to enjoy the rural and inaccessible parts of the state. The best time to enjoy this sport is from February to May and then again from September to November.

Mountaineering in Uttaranchal Mountaineering in Uttaranchal

Uttaranchal, the picturesque state of India positioned at an enviable altitude above sea level, draws a lot of adventure tourists round the year. It has steadily climbed the popularity charts as a center of Adventure tourism. Out of the various adventurous activities offered by this state to spice up your vacation, the one that tops the chart of popularity is mountaineering. Mountaineering in Uttaranchal is truly an experience of a lifetime.

The various Himalayan ranges of Uttaranchal offer a wide range of mountaineering experiences, from which tourists may have their pick, based on their individual choice and preference. The Greater, Lesser and Middle Himalayas readily provide almost all types of mountaineering experiences, ranging from the easier ones to the arduous and difficult ones. All sorts of mountaineering outings, within around 3000 m to 7000 m, can be accomplished at this place. In Uttaranchal, some famous places for mountaineering lie in the regions of Garhwal and Kumaon. In the Garhwal region, the route to Panch Kedar, apart from giving you invaluable lessons in mountaineering, will also give you a glimpse of the hospitality of local people and the rich flora and fauna of the place.

Yoga in Uttaranchal Yoga

In Sanskrit, the word 'Yoga' means union. Thus Yoga implies the union of mind, body and spirit. The science of practicing Yoga originated during ancient times in India. Yoga since, has been in practice all over India. The spread of this ancient Indian science can greatly be attributed to numerous Sadhus (Hindu Saints) who regularly practiced and propagated it.

Rishikesh, a town in Dehradun district of Uttarakhand, is famous as the world capital of Yoga. Rishikesh is a temple town that is situated on the banks of holy river Ganga. It is here that one finds numerous schools, ashrams and other institutions offering courses of all levels, in Yoga. Practice of Yoga involves multidimensional benefits. Yoga has got immense curative and preventive powers which can only be realized, once it is practiced. Claims of curing dreaded diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, and even cancer are not without bases. There have been cases where people have actually walked free of such serious diseases by merely controlling their breathing (Pranayam Yoga), as prescribed under Yoga.

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