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Wildlife in Goa

Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary : The Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, North Goa is at walking distance from the ferry ghat. Mandovi River is the nearest river to the island. Along this river, the western tip of the island is the best place to spot birds and to enjoy the wonderful aspects of the nature and the colorful birds. The bird sanctuary is named after India's famous ornithologist, Sir Salim Ali. The sanctuary remains open throughout the year and prior permission is needed from the Chief Wild Life Warden of the Forest Department, Panaji.

Wildlife in GoaCotigoa Wildlife Sanctuary : The Cotigao wildlife sanctuary is located in the Canacona district in south Goa. This sanctuary was established in the year 1969. It covers an area of 86 square kilometers and is the second largest sanctuary in Goa. To reach the Catigao national park, you will have to hire a vehicle of your own and reach from nearby places in south Goa. One can watch the animals from the 25 meter high watchtower that is located near the Talpona River that flows through this sanctuary. The animals come to this river often to quench their thirst and can be viewed around evening or early morning.

Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary : Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary is situated near Usgao, at the junction of Ponda, Sanguem and Sattari talukas. The smallest of the Goan Wildlife Sanctuaries, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary spreads over an area of 8 sq. Kms and is located 3000 ft. above on the lush foothills of the Western Ghats. A nature lovers' paradise. Bondla will tempt you with its lush forest, botanical garden, rose garden, fenced deer park, mini zoo and elephant rides. Rangado river flows on the east and Mandovi river is on the north of the forest.

Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary : The biggest of all the wildlife sanctuaries of Goa, Bhagwan Mahaveer sanctuary covers an area of around 240 square kilometers. The sanctuary is located on the eastern border of Goa and easily reachable by both road and rail as it is well connected by a network of roads from the major cities. The sanctuary is home to many animals and birds and flourishes in rich flora. The sanctuary is home to Leopards, Spotted Deer, Jungle Cats, Malayan Giant Squirrels, Pythons, Cobras and many more reptile species.

Goa Cruises :

Star Cruise GoaStar Cruise : This luxury cruise liner operates between ex-Mumbai Packages covering Goa, Kochi and Lakshadweep. It has Two vessels- Super Star Libra and Super Star Virgo.Star Cruises is designed to cater & meet with all the needs of their passengers.

It offers an impressive lot of facilities, including entertainment & recreational activities & interests.It offers one to a world-class exclusive floating resort in the high seas,for 4 nights, 2 nights and 1 night, on fixed dates.This journey lets one explore, the places, where everything feels like heavenly bliss.

Blackwater Thrills : One can enjoy the endless sights and sounds of birds as it Cruises along the riverside tip of Dr. Salim Ali's Bird Sanctuary.One can experience the endless sights of thick mangroves, along the river Mandovi.

The tourists get to tickle their sense of smell through the spice world, juicy fruits, exotic plants and medicinal herbs at the Savoi Verem Spice Plantation.One of the unforgettable experience is felt after having the typical Goan Hindu Cuisine, served in earthen pots and banana leaves, providing a taste that lingers for a long time.


Goa ChurchesA land which is so much filled with leisure and gaiety, a land that pulsates with the rhythm of disco lights in the night and never allows its nights to sleep - is surely going to give a separate space to its mornings, especially when it is a part of the sacred land of India. Plan a holiday trip to Goa and you can witness bizarre contrasts. Dance to the rhythm in night but wake up to the euphonic chimes of the church in the morning. Bang your head in the night, but bow the same to Christ during the mass. What a vacation it would be! Goa surely offers a magnificent opportunity to explore the ancient streets of Christianity. Walk through them and see how this beach fringed state houses egalitarian white church spires amidst lush paddy fields or even labyrinthine cobbled streets.


Goa CuisinesThe best time to catch a meal in Goa is a hard decision. At every corner and at any moment, you might feel like filling your appetite. Dieting is merely a fantasy in this sea-kissed land. Start your day with a heavy 'Chourisso' sausage with fresh pao and fried egg breakfast at Longuinhos. Go for the glorious 'Bebinca' made with dozens of eggs with 'squid masala' at O' Coqueiro in lunch, or 'Sorpotel' and 'Sannas' at Nostalgia for dinner. The taste is different and the experience is at extremes. With a panoptic array of pork curries and sea food delicacies, the Goan cuisine takes its own time to make you senseless with its mellow drink feni.

Goa Carnival

Goa CarnivalThe Goa carnival, a three-day fest, had its birth in Goa during the era of King Momo.One can find a lot of excitement bubbling across Goa,in the month of February,as Goa is dressing up for the carnival festivities. This carnival is celebrated just before the Lent season(Lent is the period of fasting and penance in the Christian calendar and corresponding somewhat to the Mohammedan fast before Ramzan Id),that usually starts off on Sabado Gordo (Fat Saturday) and concludes on Shrove Tuesday (Fat Tuesday)-the eve of Ash Wednesday, which is the first day of the season of Lent.So one can say that this is basically celebrated before going into the rigrous fasting,the whole of Goa gets into the carnival mood or the party mood.

Not only human beings but the atmosphere of this place seems to be dancing to the tunes of joy.At the time of carnival the air of Goa is filled with perfume of happiness, the roads are jam-packed with fun and the hearts of the people in Goa is filled with nothing but enjoyment & happiness.These three days of fun & frolic are days of continuous music & dance.

Water Sports

Water Sports in GoaWindsurfing : Windsurfing is a blend of sailing as well as surfing, which requires the surfer to adjust his strength and balance to the changing patterns of wind and water. By shifting his feet forward or backward, leaning the weight to the right or left, and manipulating the boom in or out, the windsurfer modulates and harmonizes the fickle forces of wind and water to obtain the desired balance and direction.

Sailing : Sailing is another pleasant experience that any sport lover as well as beach lover would love to try out. It's the best recreational and relaxation activity for your beach vacation in Goa. Dinghies are available for hire at the various beach resorts and hotels in Goa and can accommodate about three to four people comfortably.

Anglings : The beaches of Goa offer a varied and plentiful, almost inexhaustible, supply to seafood, still incredibly cheap and absolutely fresh. Go to Betul for Goa’s best and largest mussels, brought ashore by expert divers.

Goa Mansions - Repertoire of Architectural Designing

Goa Mansions - Repertoire of Architectural DesigningPeople build houses with culture and mortar. History preserves them with care. And tourists behold them in amazement. This is the magic of Goan villages where time seems to have stood still. Surely for a state that was under the domain of Portuguese for 450 years, its difficult to nullify the influence. Portuguese left Goa in 1961 but still, wherever you put your eyes, you will see their inerasable mark on everything. Dotting the lush green countrysides are quaint country mansions built between the 18th and 20th centuries, where Indian and European influences met. Visit the numerous stopovers along the palm-fringed shoreline, all within 30-min drive from Margao, for special views of the quintessential Goan country mansion.

New Year in Goa

New Year in GoaThe celebration of the new year is the oldest of all holidays and dates back to the ancient Babylon about 4000 years ago. Although the early Catholic Church condemned the festivities as paganism, today you can see the white washed chapels of Goa being decorated in Christmas which continues till the beginning of new year. Adorned in colouful papers and poinsettias, the whole ambience of the sacred churches illuminate with the vibrant aroma of candles that create a magnificent sight.

Goa is a fun destination and tourists have many ways to party. Dance with the pulsating Goan trance on the soft sands of Goa beaches with a glass of feni and feel the magic of a fun-filled holiday. Drive to the border of Calangute and Candolim to start your last December evening at the Pine Shack. A bonfire or a beachside barbeque is organised for the tourists and the ambience swells to burst in merriment. Play a guitar or listen to the world famous Goa’s trance music or somebody’s freshly acquired rave CDs, or just listen to the rhythm of the waves coming in while you sip your favourite cocktail.

New year in Goa is a grand holiday time and your trip to Goa will surely be memorable. Several tour packages are organised by the Goa Tourism Department to participate in this gala event. People in colourful costumes come down to streets and enjoy their hearts out with dance and music. The whole Goa swells with fun and frolic, and there is different show that floats in the air. Goa Shopping during these festive time is an altogether different experience, so go for it.

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