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Temples - Delhi
Beside the revered Hindu temples, Delhi also flaunts of numerous Jain Temples that add a glow to its demeanour. Nestling within a small marble courtyard surrounded by a colonnade, amidst the bustling Chandni Chowk area of Old Delhi, is this famous Digambar Jain Temple, glittering with gold and divinely lit by butter lamps offered by the devotees. Don't miss to see injured birds being treated at the Jain Bird Hospital, roosting in the temple compound. The ISKCON Temple, situated on the Hare Krishna Hill in East of Kailash is also worth a visit.

Drifting an evening sitting on the stairs of this halloweed place, and pulsating to the euphonic chants amidst a tranquil ambience is a unique experience and should be felt by every holidayer in Delhi. Move further south, and you can see the ambrosial opera-house-of-Sydney like structure soaring high from behind the lush green Kalkaji Hill. Designed by architect Fariburz Sabha, the serene temple nestles amid a picturesque backdrop adorned with emerald pools and lush manicured gardens, that soothe every thirsty soul irrespective of caste, creed and belief. Such is the attraction of this tranquil places of Hindu worship, that makes every tourist to come back again and again to Delhi.

Lakshmi Narayan Temple

Lakshmi Narayan Temple DelhiThis temple also known as Birla Mandir was build by G. D. Birla in 1938. Built on Aravalli Ranges in the west of Connaught Place the temple is dedicated to the Lord Krishna. This beautiful shrine is one of the largest temple complexes in India. In recent times the major fascination of the temple is the Robert who preach the Gita. All Hindu festivals are celebrated with enormous enthusiasm. But the celebrations of Krishna Janmashtami and Deepawali attract a huge crowd to the temple.


Iskcon Temple DelhiLord Krishna preached spirituality and way to Godhood 3000 years ago. Today, the International Society For Krishna Consciousness is propagating the blessings to every weary heart, irrespective of caste, creed and sect. The temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and was built by the Hare-Rama Hare-Krishna cult followers in 1998. Nestling in the serene fringes of the Hare Krishna Hill in East of Kailash, the magnificent temple, in simple words, promulgates Krishna consciousness through myriad sankirtan movements, congregational chantings of the holy name of God as revealed in the teachings of Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

Akshardham Temple

Akshardham Temple DelhiThe Akshardham Temple is one of the most recently built temples in Delhi. Constructed by the Bochasanvasi Aksharpurushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha (BAPS), it is situated on the banks of the River Yamuna. Delhi Akshar Dham Mandir was inaugurated in Novenmber'05 in the presence of President APJ Abdul Kalam. It is spread over an area of 100 acres and took about two years to complete. Akshardhaam Temple of New Delhi is built in an architectural style similar to that of the Akshardham temple of Gandhinagar in Gujarat, India. Its construction is based on the ancient Sthaapatya shastras of India and it is built without steel, entirely out of sandstone and marble.

Kalkaji Temple DelhiKalkaji Temple

Situated near the commercial complex of Nehru Place, Kalkaji temple is dedicated to the Goddess Kalka Devi. The Kali Temple in Kalkaji has a history of 3000 years. It is said that the oldest persisting section of the temple dates back to 1764-1771. Devotees also visit the shrine for worship and meditate. Timing of Aarti: every day at about 7 p.m.

Chhatarpur Temple DelhiChhatarpur Temple

Chhatarpur Temple is located at a distance of 4 kms. from Qutb Minar is one of the most holy pilgrimage of Hindus. Spreading over a vast area in peaceful atmosphere, the temple represents an excellent example of modern temple architecture that manifest prodigal use of marbles. The main Deity in the temple is Goddess Durga, while one can also worship Shiva, Vishnu, Lakshmi or Ganesh in contiguous temples.

During Durga Puja days, the plethora of devotees overflows Chhatarpur temple. It is a religious belief of devotees that by tying a thread on a tree located in the temple premises one gets rid of all ailments and troubles. Navratras: During the 9 days of Navratra festival of the Hindus, the shrine is visited by countless number of devotees to offer their prayers to Goddess Durga.

Hanuman Temple DelhiHanuman Temple

The Ancient Hanuman Temple of India is situated on Baba Kharak Singh Marg, New Delhi, dating back to the time of Pandavas. The main Deity of the temple is Lord Hanumana. On every Tuesday special aarti is performed in the temple, with thousands of devotees paying their payers.

Beside these there are number of other temples famous among the devotees like Kali Bari Mandir located near Lakshmi Narayan Temple, Sri Digambar Lal Jain Mandir, Sheetala Devi Temple, Shirdi Sai Temple (Lodhi Estate), Buddhist Temples-Buddha Vihara, Mandir Marg

Aurobindo Ashram DelhiAurobindo Ashram

The Ashram has been created with another object than that ordinarily common to such institutions, not for the renunciation of the world but as a centre and field of practice for the evolution of another kind and form of life which would in the final end be moved by a higher spiritual consciousness and embody a greater life of the spirit.

Lotus Temple DelhiLotus Temple

Lotus Temple is situated 12 km to the southeast of Connaught Place. Architecturally one of the most splendid temples of India, Delhi Lotus Temple is called so because it is built in the shape of a Lotus flower. The temple got completed in the year 1986 and rises to a height of more than 40 m. Located on Bahapur Hills, it is the seventh and the latest Baha'i houses of worship in the world. Bahai Temple of New Delhi is a white marble monument designed like a half-opened lotus.

There is a simple, but outstanding 34.27 m high central hall in the temple where people sit and meditate. Petal alcoves of the temple are inscribed with stimulating quotes of the Baha'i sacred scriptures. Though the temple belongs to the Baha'i sect, it is open to people of each and every faith. The Baha'i religion, an independent one, places great importance on prayer and meditation as instruments for the progress of the human soul. Committed to the oneness of all religions and mankind, it traces its origins to its prophet Baha'u'llah, born in Persia in the 20th century.

Gauri Shankar Temple DelhiGauri Shankar Temple

Gauri Shankar Temple is a Hindu temple situated in the Old Delhi. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and houses an approximately 800-year old brown lingam, made up of phallus stone. The Lingam is encircled by snakes and represents a "cosmic pillar, the center of universe, the life itself". There are bejeweled statues of Gauri (Goddess Parvati) and Shankar (Lord Shiva), standing beneath the silver canopy, inside the main shrine. Along with these idols, are the idols of their sons, Ganesh (the elephant headed god) and Kartik, (the god of war).

Nizam-ud-din Shrine  DelhiNizam-ud-din Shrine

This is the tomb of the famous sufi saint, Nizam-ud-din Auliya. Built on the way from Humayun's tomb, the premise of the shrine is a tank, which is surrounded by many other tombs. It is said that there was an argument between the rulers of Tughlakabad and the saint over building this tank. The saint had said that the city of Tughlakabad will never prosper and so did it happen. The tomb has been through several renovations ever since it was built. The present mausoleum dates back to 1562.

The complex of the shrine includes several other tombs, including that of the noted poet Mirza Ghalib (1786-1869), Amir Khusru and the grave of Jahanara, the daughter of Shah Jahan.

St. James Church DelhiSt. James Church

Located very close to Kashmere Gate in north Delhi, St. James Church is the oldest church in the capital. It was built by James Skinner and consecrated in 1836.

It is designed in a cruciform plan with the entrance towards the west and the altar towards the east (the standard norm in most churches the world over). The dome interestingly is very similar to the dome of Florence Cathedral in Italy that was the first renaissance structure built in the world. Porches on the north, south and the west provide the building with three entrances. The central portion of the church is an octagon with circular columns supporting the dome.

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