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Pilgrimages - Gujarat
Gujarat is one of the most famous states of India. This state has got many facets to itself which attract people from all over to the world to this state. Gujarat is like a magnet for immigrants, trade and colonial powers and has also been a significant center for people of different faiths. This is due to the reason, that in Gujarat, Jain and Hindu Temples, churches, Buddhist caves, mosques, fire temples, dargahs and other religious sites are scattered all over. As a result, this state has become a popular destination for pilgrims and they come here to feel the divine presence and get the blessings of lords.

The temples of Dwarka, Somnath, Dakore, Ambaji, and Narayan Sarovar of Gujarat are amongst the most visited temples of Hindus in the country. For Jains, the holy summits of Girnar and Palitana in Saurashtra are amongst their five significant hill temple pilgrimages and can be blended with scores of Gujarat's historic Jain Temples. The Zaorashtra's holy fire is still ablaze at Surat, Navsari and Udwada.

Ajit Nath Temple

Ajit Nath Temple GujaratIn the center of a huge plateau at the peak of Mount Taranga stands this beautiful temple of light sandstone, 45 m long and 30 m across. The large temple spire is supported by enormous pillars with beautiful maidens in winding, supple movements, figures carrying musical instruments, and topped by round lotus capitals. The exterior walls are also replete with figures carved in life-like poses and 12th-century dress and ornamentation. The central image of Bhagvan Ajitnath in lotus position, a 5 m statue carved from a single block of white marble, sits amongst breathtaking carvings and is among the tallest Jain sculptures in India. The temple has a large sabhamandapa. The upper, "secret" storey is concealed from view and accessible only by a very uncomfortable ladder.

To maintain your inner stillness after a temple visit, enjoy the fresh clean air in the cool refuge of a small pond and an orchard near the temple.

Modhera Sun Temple

Modhera Sun Temple GujaratModhera is famous for its Sun Temple.The Sun Temple is one of the finest examples of Indian temple architecture of its period. Built in 1026 A.D the temple is dedicated to the Sun God, Surya and stands high on a plinth overlooking a deep stone-steeped tank. Every inch of the edifice, both inside and outside is superbly carved with Gods and Goddesses, birds, beasts and flowers which depict the incidents from the Ramayan and the Mahabharat, and forms of gods and goddesses and the way of life of the people of that time. An interesting iconograph is one with three heads, three arms and three legs.

This temple, though not as famous as those of Konark and Khajuraho has resemblance with these temples in architectural style. Modhera's sun temple is positioned in such a manner that at the equinoxes the rising sun strikes the images in the sanctuary. It also incorporates an amusement park, a museum, a cafeteria, picture gallery and library. Adjoining the Sun Temple is the huge 'Sun Kund' (Rama Kund) surrounded by step-terraces with numerous smaller temples numbering about 108.

Akshardham Temple

Akshardham Temple GujaratA visit to Akshardham Temple and an attendant visit to Tourism of Gujarat, offers travel tour booking and information about the divine and sacred Akshardham Temple, situated in Gujarat, India. Akshardham Temple is a self sufficient and very commonly visited temple complex, which was recently in news due to the reason that it came under terrorist attack. But, since then religious service and the related activity has resumed in the popular Akshardham Temple, situated in Gujarat, India.

Akshardham Temple, situated in Gujarat, India, is a self sufficient temple complex and is very commonly visited by the religious devotees and the tourists alike. Akshardham Temple is a place of education, entertainment and enlightenment with the Akshardham Temple being a balanced admixture of all sorts of temple architecture and ancient wisdom which go on to add to the greatness of the Akshardham Temple, located in Gujarat, India.

Somnath Temple GujaratSomnath Temple

A visit to Somnath Temple and an attendant visit to Tourism of Gujarat, offers information that Somnath Temple is an ideal sacred place, which has earned a name and place for itself in the pantheon of historical places located in Gujarat, India. Somnath Temple, located in Gujarat, India, was called as the treasure trove of uncalculated for wealth and goodies, which were boisterously looted away by Muslim rulers who stashed away the bounty in the various centers in Central Asia. Somnath Temple is a tribute to ancient Indian Temple architecture with several other names of the order of Prabhas Patan, Deo Patan and Pattan Somnath, which it acquired during its long dilly dallying with history.

Parsi Fire Temples GujaratParsi Fire Temples

Parsi Fire Temples spread the message that fire is one of the important elements of our life. In Parsi religion it is believe that there is a ceaseless battle between good (Ahura Mazda) and evil (another God). The temple does not have complex structure yet its simplicity attracts many tourists.

A visit to the Parsi Fire Temples and an attendant visit to Tourism of Gujarat, offers information that these are architecturally novel temples and one of the most sought after centers of worship for the Parsis in India. Parsi Fire Temples are not very elaborate in design and pattern but they are also majestic and impressive in construction by their simplicity and mundaneness.

Gangeshwar Temple GujaratGangeshwar Temple

A visit to Gangeshwar Temple located in Gujarat and an attendant visit to Tourism of Gujarat, offers information to the well inclined tourist to understand and explore the beauty and significance of the Gangeshwar Temple, located in Gujarat, India. Gangeshwar Temple, situated in Gujarat, India, offers information that it is one of the novel temples of Gujarat, located in India. Gangeshwar Temple, located in Gujarat, India, is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and the lingam, in India.

Gangeshwar Temple, situated in Gujarat, India, is situated 3km away from Diu town in Fudam village. Gangeshwar Temple, located in Gujarat, India, is dedicated to Lord Shiva, and the temple is witness to five well defined lingas here that are present in the middle of the rocky crags on the seafront, and are touched by the waves of the sea. It is a well maintained notion that these enumerated lingas were brought into existence here by the five Pandava brothers of the Mahabharata during their exile. Diu, located in India, is the town near the Gangeshwar Temple, located in Gujarat, India, which is of utmost importance if one has to unearth the religious importance of Gangeshwar Temple, located in Gujarat, India.

Bahucharaji Temple GujaratBahucharaji Temple

Famous for the temple of Goddess Bahucharaji, the town is 35kms. from Mehsana. There are three temples of the Goddess, of which two are termed 'Adyasthan' (the original site), and the center temple as a 'Madhyasthan'. The first of these encloses a Varkhadi tree from where the Goddess is supposed to have appeared. The little temple was built by Maratha Fadnis and the principal place of worship, the outer temple was built by Manajirao Gaekwad in 1781A.D. The Adyasthan contains the Sphathik Bala Yantra with gold cover. On every full moon day, the temple of the Goddess is visited by a bulky number of devotees and tonsorial ceremonies are performed.

Bhrigu Rishi Temple GujaratBhrigu Rishi Temple

A visit to Bhrigu Rishi Temple and an attendant visit to Tourism of Gujarat, offers an interested tourist a golden opportunity to unravel the attractions of Gujarat, situated in India. Bhrigu Rishi Temple is another of those alluring travel attractions present before the tourist to pay a visit to the Bhrigu Rishi Temple, located in Gujarat, India. Bhrigu Rishi Temple, is situated in Bharuch in Gujarat, India, and the Bhrigu Rishi Temple is situated on the Eastern part of the city of Bharuch, located in Gujarat, India, on the banks of the great river Narmada, once again situated in Gujarat, India.

Bhrigu Rishi Temple, situated in Bharuch, in Gujarat, India, was the sacred temple which gave Bharuch, located in Gujarat, India, its name and the name is "Bhrigukachba". A visit to Bhrigu Rishi Temple, offers information that the seer or Maharishi Bhrigu is one of the prominent Rishis out of the group of seven seers or the group of Sapta Rishi Mandal, placed in the Indian mythology. Then, Maharishi Bhrigu is an ideal Maharishi, as he had been able to attain the ideal balance between wisdom and activity, though wisdom being the higher strand of existence and activity being the consummation of this higher tenet of wisdom as exemplified in the life of Bhrigu Rishi.

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