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Tourist Attractions - Uttaranchal
Chamba, Uttaranchal Hill Station
Know more about Uttar Pradesh
Fairs and Festivals of Uttaranchal

Fairs and Festivals of UttaranchalThe religious, social and cultural urges of the people of Uttaranchal find an expression in various fairs, which are in turn closely linked to the economic activities of the region. Various folk songs and dances have been kept alive because of these fairs. In older times, when means of transport were not so good these fairs were an opportunity for friends and relatives to meet regularly. Inspite of all the changes in our society, the tradition of fairs has been kept up by the people. The fairs of Jauljibi, Thal and Bageshwar have been closely linked with the trading activities of the people of this region, while the fairs at Dwarahat, Syalde and Devidhura are important from the religious and cultural point of view.

The fairs and folk festivals of Uttaranchal are very colourful and distinctive, and are the blend of various natural, social and cultural factors. The people of Uttaranchal also celebrate all the major Indian festivals. Basant Panchami, Bhitauli, Harela, Phooldei, Batsavitri, Ganga Dusshera, Dikar Puja, Olgi or Ghee Sankranti, Khatarua, Ghuian Ekadashi and Ghughutia are some of the major festivals of Uttaranchal.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts in UttaranchalUttaranchal, a mountainous state, enjoys special privilege for being that part of the subcontinent wherefrom the Indian Civilization actually developed and proliferated to the pan-Indian dimension. This region has therefore been the grand repository of diverse cultures since the intermingling of Khasa and Kirati cultures that took place here ages ago. The tradition of painting in Uttaranchal remained confined only to what earlier used to be the Garhwal kingdom. The art of Miniature Painting flourished in Garhwal under the influence of Mughal and Western Pahari schools, and that too without any feudal patronage. The arts and crafts of Uttaranchal, of which an amazingly rich variety exist, demand and indeed deserve a closer look.

Ayurveda in UttaranchalAyurveda in Uttaranchal

Ayurveda derives its origin from ancient Vedic cult that taught men not only the philosophical doctrines, but also various methods by which they may keep away from diseases and lead a healthy life. Ayurveda attempts to revive this age old tradition and bring a fresh lease of life to the long suffering men. Ayur means life and Veda means knowledge. The factors responsible for age and decay are manipulated by Ayurveda in such a manner that the people practicing the science, acquire longevity and tenacity.

The secret of health lies embedded in Ayurvedic Shastra. It seems to have originated from the divine words of Lord Brahma. The shloka sung by him had been written down in the form of aphorisms and were later known as Ayurveda, endowed with divine, life giving properties. The usages of medicinal plants, herbs and other oils have been stated clearly in the Ayurvedic Shastra. Legendary connection reveals that Ayurveda had first been stated by Agnivesha, in his book known as Agnivesh Tantra.

Uttarakhand Glaciers

Uttarakhand GlaciersUttarakhand, formerly known as Uttaranchal, is a hill state of northern India. Uttarakhand, nestled in Himalayas, has a topography that offers wide range of landforms from hills and peaks to cliffs and ridges. The topography of this beautiful hill state boasts of rich forests, rivers, mountain peaks and glaciers.

One of the most important features of Uttarakhand's topography is its glaciers. A glacier is a large and slow moving mass of ice. It is formed due compacting of layers of snow. The glacial movement is directed by gravity and high pressure. It is noteworthy that the glacial ice is the largest source of fresh water on Earth.

Monumental Heritage in UttaranchalMonumental Heritage in Uttaranchal

Uttaranchal is not very affluent as far as monumental heritage is concerned, but there are certainly some temple, and colonial structures that save its name. Uttaranchal tourism promotes various temples structures that have historical importance. The cities that were an important resort during the British province like Dehradun, Nainital and Mussorie, have many colonial monuments as well.

The main monuments that one can find highlighted in these British colonies are the churches and mansion that have now been converted into museums and institutes. Among the church attractions in Uttaranchal, one mus visit the St. John's Church that was built in the year 1847. Want to have a beautiful view of the snow, then visit the Children's Lodge in Mussoorie.

Holiday Destination in Uttaranchal Holiday Destination in Uttaranchal

The hill stations of Uttaranchal makes the perfect holiday destinations. With lush greenery bordered with snow clad mountains, the holiday trips of Uttaranchal are more of scenic splendor wherein one can enjoy the true bliss of nature. Explore the mystical appeal of the various temples along with the exotic beliefs that one can find in the various festivals. Take up Uttaranchal tours and explore the rural charms of some of the most quaint yet to be explored regions in Uttranchal that surely promises for a magnificent holiday tour for your family.

Chamba - Dominated by the Clouds : Travel to Chamba town of Uttaranchal where clouds come for a ride. This is a magical land which is dominated by the Tehri hills. The main attraction is the classic hilltop resort along with health spa and Kerala massage centre. Chamba is more about experience rather than attractions. Enjoy the growl of Panthers from nearby jungles, or observe the wild hares and honking Geese move about. Do nothing as that is what Chamba is all about. You can enjoy some great walks among the Cedar and pine forests where interminable little hill trails to traipse. This small town is located at a distance of 283 kms from Delhi, thus making it easily accessible. The excursions include Mussorie, Rishikesh and Haridwar.

Lansdowne - The Fairly Tale Town of Garhwal : This is one of the quietest hill station in India, which is known for its placidness and picturesque sceneries. A perfect honeymoon destination, it will give you a lot of time to while away with your beloved. Lansdowne is a paradise for those who want to enjoy walking tours. The main highlight of this town is also includes a British church that lies dilapidated. Though this town is a delight at any time of the year but if you are planning to go in the months of June, then do not forget carrying an Umbrella, to save yourself from the rains. Lansdowne is located 233 kms from Delhi and the nearest railway station is at Kotdwar (40 kms). From here one can hire buses to reach this scenic town.

Kausani - The Little Switzerland of India : Little away form the maddening crowd, perched on the Himalayan peaks, Kausani is a peaceful hill station with a plethora of attractions to offer. The prime attraction of Kausani is the Katarmal Sun Temple which is as celebrated as the Sun temple in Konark. To reach this destination, adventures can enjoy a hike of 45 minutes. One cannot miss visiting the Kainchi, which has the ashram of Neeb Karauri Baba, known for his miracles. There is a hot water spring by the name of Garam Pani, but the most important monuments is the Anashakti Ashram, where Gandhiji sojourned for a fortnight. Then there is the Sumitra Nandan Pant memorial and the tea gardens in vicinity. Among the delight of shopping, in Kausani you cannot miss buying local woollies and the famous tea that are claimed to be superior than the Darjeeling grades.

Dodital - Come to the End of the Rainbow : At an altitude of 10,850 ft Dodital is a stunning Alpine lake which has clear spring fed lakes surrounded by lush oaks and pine. In short, Dodital is infectious. More than heritage town, Dodital is famous for its adventure options. Fishing is widely practiced with the blue lakes fostering abounds of Rainbow and brown trouts. For the kids, there is a popular trek and a picnic spot where there is plenty of space to play. For the adults too, there is no dearth of trekking routes. Visit Dodital between Mid April to mid June or mid September to mid October, which is the the best season for trekking.

Shopping in Uttaranchal Shopping in Uttaranchal

Different varieties of woodcraft are perhaps the most definitive point of shopping in Uttaranchal, with various kinds of woolen articles coming a close second. Almost all the different cities of Uttaranchal offer the tourists to their lands, an amazing variety of woolens which are generally made up of extremely good quality wool. Besides these, rice and tea are specialty items of Uttaranchal, the capital of Uttaranchal and a definite must-buy while on a tour to Uttaranchal.

One of the prettiest provinces of the country and a major tourist destination of India, the province of Uttaranchal is a shopper's paradise. Shopping in Uttaranchal is one of the most addictive pleasures of a trip to Uttaranchal with a wide variety of products available for every taste and requirements. Thus, if you are planning a holiday in Uttaranchal, here are a few guidelines which can help you to get the most of your shopping in Uttaranchal.

Maha Aarti in Haridwar Maha Aarti in Haridwar

Haridwar, is one of the most religious town in Uttaranchal and it is this very holy town that hosts the famous 'Maha Aarti', every evening. The most pious ghats of Ganges in Uttaranchal is Harki Pauri, an important bathing ghat. This also the venue of the famous Kumbh Mela, that is held once in twelve years. During this festival an estimated 45 million people converge here to bathe in the sacred waters of the Ganges as part of a purification ritual. This scared ghat was constructed in the 1st century BC and has webs of legends associated with it. The most important is the one that claims that a person who takes dips here, is freed of all his previous life and gets moksha (Nirvana). The doted temples, shops hawking religious blings and the various clay pots floating on the rivers completes the spiritual picture of Haridwar.

Cuisine of Uttaranchal Cuisine of Uttaranchal

Surrounded by the purity and innocence of nature, the beautiful region of Uttaranchal is blessed by an air which is a natural enhancer of appetite. Added to this is the amazing taste and nutritious ingredients of the cuisine of Uttaranchal, which form one of the most important attractions of a tour to Uttaranchal. Unconventional, to say the least, the cuisine of Uttaranchal is strongly influenced by the geography of Uttaranchal. Thus, walking through the winding roads of the mountainous countryside, do not be surprised if you come across a tiny rustic shop selling flowers cooked in the purest of mountainous, clarified butter, a taste, which coupled with the brilliance of the scenery all around, adds a special charm to your holiday in Uttaranchal.

The cuisine of Uttaranchal has been influenced by the number of factors, but none as important as the topography and lifestyle of the region itself.

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